Customer Store Accounts Policy
Last Modified: 23 February 2018

The Customer Store Account

  • A Customer Store Account ("CSA") is a unique record of amounts that is owed between the Customer and the Store
  • In addition to containing the amount that is currently owed by the Customer ("Outstanding Payment"), or owed by the Store ("Account Balance Payment"), it also stores the historical transactions of amounts that were owed and settled between the Customer and Store
  • A particular CSA, along with historical transactions, can only be viewed by the particular Customer and the particular Store referenced in the CSA
  • The CSA can record transactions indicating:
    1. Amount owed by the Customer to the Store ("Outstanding Payment")
    2. Amount owed by the Store to the Customer ("Account Balance Payment")

Updates to the Customer Service Account

  • The following scenarios can trigger an "Outstanding Payment" in the CSA:
    1. When an Order, for which Payment is not Complete, is "processed" by the Store
    2. When a Bill is generated by the Store, for walk-in Customers
    3. When a Customer requests the Store Merchant for a purchase 'On Credit'
    4. When a Refund for an Order is to be processed, but the Refund Amount is less than the original payment amount that is being voided, the difference is added as 'Outstanding Balance' in to the CSA
  • The following scenarios can trigger an "Account Balance Payment" in the CSA:
    1. When a Customer pays Online, for a "processed" Order that has a Payment 'Pending'
    2. When a Customer pays Online, for a Walk-in Bill that has a Payment 'Pending'
    3. When a Customer pays online, for any "Outstanding Payment" in the CSA
    4. When a Customer makes an offline payment to a Store Merchant/Logistics Agent for an Order or Bill, and the Store Merchant/Logistics Agent records the same
    5. When a Refund to CSA is processed for an Order Cancellation or Order Return
    6. When an Unpaid, "processed" Order is 'Edited', the original "Outstanding Payment" is rolled back
    7. When an "finalized" Bill is 'Edited', the original "Outstanding Payment" is rolled back

Keeping track of the Customer Store Account

  • Utmost care is taken to ensure appropriate SMS Notification is sent to Customer for CSA transactions
  • No SMS Notifications are sent out to Customer for certain interim CSA transactions
  • All CSAs and corresponding transactions can be viewed by the Customer in real-time at

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